UGA International Athletics & Programs

Children's MMA

We target the characteristics of the children and utilize those to help them develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually through Martial Arts & Fitness. We teach leadership skills and focus on speed, strength, agility and flexibility. We have developed many N.A.G.A. & Grapplers Quest Champions.

Adult MMA

A diversified student base from the beginner to the Professional Athlete training to improve through Mixed Martial Arts, Sports Conditioning, Nutrition, Circuit Training and Nutrition. Training Ordinary people to be Extraordinary Athletes.


The focus of our UGA-TKD class is to improve physical fitness, character development and self defense through traditional Korean Tae-Kwon-Do. Our goal is in building our students self-esteem, respect, self-control and leadership skills.

Women's Fit Challenge

Fitness and Conditioning through Boot Camps and Fit-Challenges for the woman that isn't interested in the combat training. Learn to challenge yourself and reach goals in a fun and supportive way.

Safety and Awareness

Safety and Awareness Seminars for Women and Children focusing on recognizing danger and dealing with situations while shopping, at home, stranger danger, bullies, on-line, and much more.

Personal Training

Helping those who may be less motivated to help themselves gives us the chance to help make a positive difference in peoples lives. Because some schedules are different and not everyone is available or ready to train in a group setting.

MMA Fighters

Alex "First Blood" Rojas

Height: 5'7 / Weight: 135lbs / Location: Fresno, CA. 

Andrew "The K.O. Kid" Mazziotti

Height: 5'8 / Weight: 145lbs / Location: Victorville, CA.

Miguel Santos

Height: 5'6 / Weight: 145lbs / Location: Victorville, CA.

Jeff "CornBread" Jones

Height: 6'0 / Weight: 360lbs / Location: Victorville, CA.

Richard Holguin

Height: 6’0 / Weight: 185 / Location: Apple Valley, CA.

Jaime “Big Mak” Gonzalez

Height: 5’10 / Weight: 320 / Location: Victorville, CA.

MMA Fighters

Kris Barr

Height: 6’5 / Weight: 300lbs / Location: Victorville, CA.

“Big” Ed Bas

Height: 6’2 / Weight: 215 / Location: Victorville, CA.

Richard “Wolf” Sandoval

Height: 5’10 / Weight: 255 / Location: Apple Valley, CA.