Team up With UGA - Mixed Martial Arts Training

Tyson Johnson & Pete Grymkowski

Enjoy more profits and publicity for teaming up with the U.G.A.

With Tyson Johnson at the helm, the Universal Grappling Academy has over 23 years of history and experience that allows the unique opportunity to have a training program which can benefit beginning students to professional athletes. This program is perfect for Men, Women & Children of all ages that are looking for Fun, Fitness, Self Defense, Competition and Sports Conditioning.


Generate Excitement

As Mixed Martial Arts Training continues to grow as the most popular sport in the world, now is the perfect time to team up with our historic and proven program that has over 22 years of success in the industry. It's Mixed Martial Arts com all in one.


Custom Products = Big Profits

Our own UGA International product line is designed to give our team(s) a uniformed look and promote the brand name while creating yet another source of income for your facility. We offer Combat Gear, Sportswear and Activewear.

About Us


Tyson Johnson (President & Founder)

"The IronMan" Tyson Johnson

* With over 25 years in the business, Tyson Johnson has the most award winning and successful MMA & Sports Conditioning programs in California. The Universal Grappling Academy is an exciting program filled with fun, diversity and results. Tyson's UGA is the place to go when you have a Fitness, Self Defense or a life changing goal to reach.

Tyson's Accolades:  2008 U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee / Author / Ring Announcer / Referee / Judge / Coach / Athlete

* Body Building: 1989 World Cup Champion / 1990 Mr. Southern California / 1991 Mr. Baldwin Hills / Mr. California / Mr. U.S.A. / Mr. Universe Overall Champion.

* Wrestling: All League Champion, U.S.A. & AAU Greco Roman & Freestyle Wrestling Gold Medalist, Semi-Pro Wrestling Circuit.

* Combat Sports: 1999 Bas Rutten U.S. Open Champion / 1999 KOTC Champion / Tuff-Man Champion / Gladiator Challenge Winner / 2008 HOF Induction - MMA Man of the Year / 2012 TKO of the Year / 2013 U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Hall of Heroes inductee.

Business: 2012 HDMMA Gym of the Year / 2014 Victorville City Gym of the Year / 2014 Business Hall of Fame - (3years) / 2016 City of Victorville Gym of the Year / 2017 Business Hall of Fame (6-Years). 



  • Peter Grymkowski (Gold's Gym Owner 1979 - 1999 / Mr. World & Mr. America Body Building Champion / Sponsor of UFC 1, 2 & 3) says "Tyson has a winning program and the successful history to back it".

  • "When I brought my 11 yr old son and 9 yr old daughter for lessons at the Universal grappling Academy, I met the owner, Tyson Johnson who is a renowned MMA Fighting and Body Building Champion; as well as a great Businessman and Coach. Tyson owns the Flagship UGA school and emcees multiple Fight Promotion events throughout the world. 
  • This reminds me of when I first bought Gold's Gym in 1979, it was just 1 location in California, So I started to License the Name "Gold's Gym" for premise use throughout the world. I also created the "Gold's Fitness & Body building Classic" Competitions for Men & Women. 
  • Tyson with U.G.A. international has the same ingredients for a successful World-Wide Licensing Program - 1. A long standing California Flagship location, 2. A great Name & Logo, 3. Proven Services and Products". 


Universal Grappling Academy

* One of the longest running and most award winning facilities in California. The U.G.A. runs many community programs such as "Fit for Life" / "Run Out Child Obesity" / City Parks & Recreation / Workability / Law Enforcement & Military Personnel Continued Education.

* #1 MMA & Sports Conditioning Facility in the High Desert.

* 2011 / 2012 / 2016 Gym of the Year

* 2014 & 2017 Business Hall of Fame

U.G.A. Awards