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Licensing Opportunity


Gym & Fitness Facility Owners

 Become the next U.G.A. Licensee:  Are you looking to add another exciting amenity to your business that will increase your revenue stream? Then License our U.G.A. MMA program and watch your monthly gym dues increase. We have the blueprint to achieving $7000+ to your monthly dues with over 22 years in business and the experience in running a successful program. Tyson Johnson and Pete Grymkowski are ready to assist you in creating "The Next Big Thing" for your facility and helping you “Tap-Out“ your competition.  



Custom UGA Products for Big Profits

Licensees & Gym Operators:  With years of success and experience, we have found that offering our licensees the opportunity to increase profits while supplying their members with custom combat gear and athletic wear is a great way to create excitement and uniformity with your team.

Check Out our Combat Shop Zone - Shop.MeetTheFighter.com


Become an Independent Operator

Open Your U.G.A. Today:  Are you looking to License and open your own Universal Grappling Academy? Become a part of our UGA International Academy and use our blueprint to success. You supply the facility and the instructor while we supply the Name, Logos, Programs, Custom Products and Services that will have you Tapping Out the competition.  A Successful Fitness and MMA program that can be located in any area with just 1000+ sq ft of space. 


Contact Us Today:  Why start from scratch? Find out how you can use our 21 years of Experience and History  to be a successful part of our  Global U.G.A. International Academy.

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